Courtesy Pay FAQs

    • What is Courtesy Pay?

      Courtesy Pay is a service that adds a measure of protection to your personal checking account. Courtesy Pay may cover your insufficient funds items, up to your approved limit ($500 or $750), for one low fee of $20.00 per covered overdraft transaction. That means, instead of returning a check or other item to the merchant or payee because of insufficient funds, the credit union may pay your check, saving you additional charges from merchant collection companies, in addition to the credit union’s non-sufficient fund fee. It also saves you from the embarrassment that a declined transaction or an inadvertent overdrawn check can cause and helps protect your credit rating. The credit union offers the following Courtesy Pay options:

      Basic Courtesy Pay

      By selecting this choice, we will provide courtesy pay coverage for ACH items, paper drafts and Bill Pay transactions. Fees may be assessed if any of these items are covered by Courtesy Pay. This choice will not cover ATM or every day debit card transactions. If you attempt to process one of these types of transactions without having sufficient funds, it will be declined.

      Enhanced Courtesy Pay

      By selecting this choice, we will provide courtesy pay coverage for ACH items, paper drafts, Bill Pay transactions, plus ATM and every day debit card transactions. Fees will be assessed when courtesy pay is used to cover any of these transactions.

    • Can I decline Courtesy Pay?

      Yes, you may decline at any time. Declining Courtesy Pay means items will not be paid and may be subject to a $20 non-sufficient funds fee. You may also incur a fee from the payee. DCECU will not authorize any ATM/Point of Sale or everyday debit card transactions you try to process without sufficient funds in your account.

    • What is an everyday debit card transaction?

      Everyday debit card transactions are defined as withdrawals made at a merchant location (in-person, by phone or online) where your Visa Check Card is either swiped, or the number is used to initiate a withdrawal from your DCECU Checking Account. These transactions can be completed with your signature, by entering your PIN, or perhaps no further action on your part.

    • Sounds good, but what’s the catch?

      There is no catch. When Courtesy Pay privileges have been activated to cover an overdraft, it is your responsibility to correct any balance deficiency as quickly as possible. DCECU expects you to make a deposit covering your overdraft to maintain eligibility in the program. We trust you’ll agree that it’s important to promptly meet your financial obligations to preserve your good standing with the Credit Union and to prevent any collection activity.

    • What types of payments are eligible for Courtesy Pay privileges?

      Basic Courtesy Pay covers drafts (checks), Automated Clearing House (ACH), and "future" or "recurring" Online Banking Bill Pay transactions.

      Enhanced Courtesy Pay covers drafts (checks), Automated Clearing House (ACH), "future" or "recurring" Online Banking Bill Pay transactions, plus ATM (POS) and debit card transactions.

      Courtesy Pay privileges cannot be used to cover overdrafts that might result from:

      • An automatic transfer between accounts at DCECU
      • "Today" Online Banking Bill Pay transactions
      • Transfer requests within Online or Mobile Banking
      • Withdrawals over the counter at DCECU
      • ATM withdrawals
    • If I use my Visa Check Card at a store or online merchant, will my purchases be declined?

      If you have sufficient funds in your Checking Account, transactions will authorize and post as normal. Only in situations where you do not have sufficient funds available will you potentially see a difference.

      If you have OPTED IN, and you use your Visa Check Card for a transaction when sufficient funds are not available, the transaction should authorize and post to your account. A fee of $20.00 will be assessed for this courtesy payment.

      If you have NOT OPTED IN and there are insufficient funds to process the transaction, your purchase will be declined.

    • Who is eligible?

      If an account has been open at least 90 days and maintained in good standing, which is defined as:

      1. Making regular deposits sufficient to cover transactions;
      2. Bringing the account to a positive balance at least once every thirty days or less, and;
      3. There are no legal orders outstanding on your account,

      we may, at our sole discretion, pay overdrafts up to the limits mentioned above, including the Courtesy Pay fee(s).

      Members are eligible for Courtesy Pay privileges when they:

      • Have an open share draft (checking) account greater than 90 days
      • Have deposited at least $750 to this account
      • Have no more than 16 checks/items returned NSF in the current or previous year
      • Have not caused a financial loss (charge off) to the Credit Union
      • Are not past due on a loan payment
      • Trust accounts, HSA and Minor accounts are not eligible for Courtesy Pay (Basic or Enhanced)
    • What about overdraft transfers from my savings?

      Your current overdraft protection arrangements will remain in place exactly as they are now. Overdrafts on your checking account will still look to your prime share savings to cover the deficient balance. If adequate funds are not available in your savings account, Courtesy Pay privileges may be activated.

    • How do I sign up or make changes to my election?

      You may add or decline Courtesy Pay privileges to your checking account by completing the form within Online Banking (located under "Documents" > "Forms"), calling us, or visiting our Account Services Department.

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