Online Banking FAQs

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    • General

    • External Transfers

      • How much can I transfer?

        Up to $5,000 can be transferred in and up to $5,000 can be transferred out per day using External Transfers.

      • What are verification deposits? Where do I enter them?

        When adding an account from another financial institution, we must confirm ownership of the account. To do that, we will send two small credit deposits to your other institution’s account and one withdrawal (debit) may be made from the account in the same total amount as the deposits. You will be required to enter the two credit amounts deposited in order to verify your account. These transactions generally take 1-3 business days to process.

        To verify the small deposits:

        • On the side menu tap your name at the bottom > Settings > External Transfers
        • If you enter the small deposit amounts and they match our records, the account will be enabled for External Transfers.
      • Are there fees associated with an External Transfer?

        DCECU does not charge a fee to process an External Transfer.

      • Are there any limits on the number of transfers I can complete?

        Up to 5 inbound and 5 outbound External Transfers can be completed in 1 day.

      • Can I transfer funds internationally?

        Funds can only be transferred to and from accounts within the U.S.

      • What accounts can be used for external transfers?

        At this time, only external savings and checking accounts can be added.

      • How can I make a payment to a DCECU loan from an External Account?

        If you would like to make a DCECU loan payment, follow the instructions below

        1. Select the External Account in the “From” dropdown and your DCECU loan in the “To” dropdown.
        2. Enter the desired payment amount.
        3. Select “More options” to select your frequency and date (e.g. Monthly on the 20th).
          * *Please note that transfers begin processing on the evening of the date selected and funds will actually move the morning of the following Business Day.*
        4. Submit the transfer.
        If making a payment on a mortgage loan please complete the following
        1. Complete the steps above, but select a DCECU savings account in the “To” dropdown as a temporary holding account.
        2. Select “Make a Transfer”.
        3. Select the temporary holding account in the “From” dropdown and your DCECU loan in the “To” dropdown.
        4. Enter the same payment amount.
        5. Select “More options” to pick the same frequency and set the date to at least one Business Day after the first transfer is scheduled.
        6. Submit the second transfer.
          Note: If the funds are not available in the account when the loan payment attempts to pull, the loan payment may not occur. We recommend monitoring your account to ensure your monthly payments are made.
      • How do External Transfers work?

        Instead of using paper checks, ACH (Automated Clearing House) entries are created and transmitted electronically, making transactions faster, easier and more secure. DCECU submits the transactions to the ACH network to transfer funds between the accounts specified.

      • How long does it take for the funds to transfer?

        Transfers will start processing after 7pm on the transfer date selected. Funds will need to be available in the account that day. The funds will then post the following business day.

        Transfers scheduled after 7pm or on a weekend/holiday will not start processing until the following business day.

      • How will I know when an External Transfer is complete?

        Sign into Online Banking to view account activity and verify the transaction is complete.

    • 2-Step Verification & Security

      • What is 2-Step Verification?

        2-Step Verification (sometimes referred to as two-factor authentication, or 2FA) provides a stronger authentication method to access your account. 2-Step Verification will change the way you access your accounts by using an additional step to verify that you are the authorized account user when you sign in from a new or unrecognized device or browser.

      • How will my sign in process change with 2-Step Verification?

        2-Step Verification works similar to your existing sign in procedure but uses an additional step to verify that you are the authorized account user. When you sign in from a device or browser that isn’t recognized, you’ll be asked for a 2-Step Verification code that will be sent to you via a method that you choose during registration. The methods to receive the code are through Authy, a free app on your device; a SMS text message to your mobile phone; or through a voice call to your landline or mobile phone.

      • Do I need to receive a verification code every time I sign in to Online Banking?

        While the 2-Step Verification code works the same for both the web browser and Mobile App, there are small differences in the way your access will be authenticated with subsequent sign ins. With the web browser, you may choose to save a trusted device by checking the box next to "Don't ask for codes again while using this browser" which bypasses the 2-Step Verification. The Mobile App will let you configure an app passcode and you may also choose to use the device’s biometric feature, such as a fingerprint, if available. If you try to sign in using an unrecognized device or browser, you will be required to go through the 2-Step Verification to access your account.

      • Can I use Authy on more than one device?

        2-Step Verification codes are sent to the phone number entered during Online Banking enrollment. If you need to access your Online Banking account without your phone or you are in a low coverage area, you can always choose the Authy app as your delivery method, instead of text or phone call. Authy can be downloaded across multiple devices, including your desktop computer. When you install Authy, be sure to sign in with the same email address and phone number combination used during 2-Step Verification enrollment.

      • What is Authy?

        Authy is a free app for your mobile device or desktop which generates secure tokens for 2-Step Verification.

      • What are the browser requirements for Online Banking?

        To support the security measures we put in place to keep your data safe, we require the use of a modern browser. As new versions of browsers are released, our Online Banking platform will deprecate support for older versions. Below are the details for each supported browser.

        • Microsoft Internet Explorer - Support for version 11 ended on December 31, 2020. Any older version of Internet Explorer may be denied access to the platform.
        • Microsoft Edge - Microsoft Edge will be supported at the latest version only. The Online Banking platform may deny access to older Microsoft Edge versions 60 days after a new version is released.
        • Google Chrome - Chrome should automatically update and major updates are released approximately every 12 weeks. If Chrome is two versions older than the current stable channel version, our Online Banking platform may deny it access.
        • Apple Safari - Each year Apple typically makes upgrades to Safari during the fall. Approximately 60 days after a new version is released, our Online Banking platform may deny access to older versions. However, this change requires that the new Safari version is available on both MacOS and iOS devices.
        • Mozilla Firefox - Firefox should automatically update. If Firefox is two versions older than the current stable channel version, our Online Banking platform may deny it access.
      • Does DCECU use Cookies?

        Yes, we use cookies in conjunction with our online banking product to establish a unique session with your computer to prevent fraudulent and/or unauthorized access to your account. Our online banking product places three different cookies. These cookies are randomly generated strings and contain no member data. One cookie is used to manage the current online banking session and is only valid for the duration of the session. In addition, when clicking the “Sign Out” link, this cookie is invalidated on the server. The other two cookies are used as part of the “Don't ask for codes again while using this browser” functionality. Additional cookies are used for website statistics in order to identify unique visitors. No member-sensitive information is stored within these cookies.

      • What do I do if I lose my mobile device?

        Unless your username and password have been compromised, your account and account information are still secure. If you feel your sign in credentials have been compromised, you can reset your username and password through Online Banking or the Mobile App at any time. Contact the Credit Union if you would like to de-authenticate your device or to disable all Mobile App access for your account. You can also deactivate devices from the Security settings when signed in.

      • I only have access to a public or shared computer, what can I do to minimize my risk?

        While we recommend that you don’t access your accounts through Online Banking on a public or shared device (see, there are some things you can do to reduce your overall risk and safeguard your personal information.

        When you sign in to Online Banking, make sure that you DO NOT check any boxes that state “Don't ask for codes again while using this browser” or similar, to ensure that you are not agreeing to save/store your password.

        DCECU members who use Google Chrome should review their browser settings and make sure they are using Open a new tab, not Continue where you left off on Startup. This will ensure that other users of the public or shared device will not be redirected to the last page you visited when they re-open the browser.

        Navigate to Settings, select On startup and select Open the New Tab Page (see screenshot below).


        Alternately, if you use Firefox, navigate to Options, select General and uncheck Restore previous session.


        Also, whenever browsing any sensitive websites online such as online banking, it is a good idea to use Incognito Mode in Chrome or Firefox.

        Chrome (Incognito Mode) Firefox (Private Mode)
        incognito-mode-chrome incognito-mode-firefox

        This will ensure that all cookies and active sessions are cleared when you close the browser.

    • Account, Loan & Credit Card

      • What should I do if I cannot see all my shares or loans?

        Navigate to your Profile then Settings, then choose Dow Chemical Employees' Credit Union to review account settings and ensure that you haven’t hidden the share/loan you wish to view (or transfer to or from).

      • How do I view my account information?

        Select the share/loan from the Accounts card on your Dashboard for transaction history.

      • What is Available balance?

        The Available Balance may differ from the Actual Balance when pre-authorized transactions or unsettled deposits place a temporary hold on funds in your account. We encourage you to keep careful records and practice good account management. This will help you to avoid transacting without sufficient funds and incurring the resulting fees.

      • How do I open a new account?

        Navigate to your Profile then select Add Share/Loan to access the application center.

      • How do I apply for a loan?

        Navigate to your Profile then select Add Share/Loan to access the application center.

      • How do I apply for a Mortgage Loan or Mortgage Pre-Qualification?

        Access the Mortgage Solutions portal from the Apply Now button located on the Mortgage Loans or Home Equity Loans page at Or from your browser at Once you decide to request a Mortgage Pre-Qualification or select which mortgage loan type you want to apply for, you will be prompted to create a “Mortgage Application Login and Password”. The Mortgage Application logon is not your Online Banking logon.

      • Where do I find current holds or pending ACH Warehouse transactions?

        Pending holds and ACH transactions can be located by viewing share history.

      • Can I view my DCECU Visa Credit Card transactions?

        Your credit card transactions will not display in the Activity or Transaction sections at this time. To view your Visa Credit Card transactions, you may navigate to the Accounts card and select the Credit Card. From there, you can select Manage cards to be directed to the full Visa Credit Card management site.

      • How do I make a payment on my DCECU Visa Credit Card?

        To apply a payment to your Visa Credit Card from your account at the credit union, you can complete a transfer by selecting Make a transfer under the transfers section. You would then select your Visa Credit Card as the transfer to account.

        If you would prefer to pay your Visa Credit Card from another Financial Institution or schedule the payment for a later date, you may navigate to the Accounts card and select the Credit Card. From there, you can select Manage cards to be directed to the full Visa Credit Card management site.

      • How do I get to YourRewards for my DCECU Rewards Visa Credit Card?

        The link for YourRewards is not available within Online Banking at this time, but we are actively working to get it added as soon as possible. In the meantime, you can access YourRewards by going directly to the YourRewards site: (please be aware you would have to create a separate log in for this direct link) or you can contact the YourRewards company directly at 844-773-9273.

    • Transfers

      • How do I transfer money?

        Select the Transfers menu, then select Make a transfer.

      • How do I schedule recurring transfers?

        Select the Transfers menu, then select the accounts you wish to transfer to and from, input your amount, and then select More options to designate a transfer frequency and start date.

      • How do I transfer funds between my own accounts to another member’s account at DCECU?
        • Web browser: Navigate to the Transfers menu, then select Transfer to a member. Select the account that you would like to transfer the money from. Enter the information of the member that you would like to transfer money to (first 3 letters of last name, member number (account number), type (Share for savings or checking), the share number (00 for Prime Share and 05 for Checking) and the amount you would like transferred.
        • Mobile App: Select Member transfer from the side navigation menu. Follow same steps as web browser.
        • NOTE: Future scheduled or recurring transfers to another member are not supported online at this time.
      • Can I transfer funds to an account at another financial institution?

        Yes, select the Payments menu, create the new payee (e.g. Add a company or Add a bill) and schedule the transfer through Bill Pay.

    • Deposit Check

    • Biometric Authentication

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