Please note that many requests can be handled through Online Banking. This includes:

  • Contact / Profile Changes
  • Visa Credit Card Access (Balance Transfer, Card Replacement, Dispute)
  • Check Reorder / Stop Payment
  • Open a New Share account
  • Loan Applications
  • & more!

Fraud or Error

Does something look not quite right on your DCECU account? Need to stop a payment?

ACH Origination Agreement

Authorize DCECU to set-up an electronic transaction.

Agreement to Facilitate Accounts/Services for a Revocable Trust

Provides DCECU information about your trust

Authorization for Release of Member Information

Need us to fax, mail or email account information?

Beneficiary Designation

Add beneficiaries to one or more of your DCECU shares.

Courtesy Pay - Enrollment / Modification

Would you like to enroll, modify or remove your Courtesy Pay?

Joint Owner Designation

Use this form to add a new joint owner on your account (excludes HSA).

Mortgage Pre-Qualification Request

Just getting started and interested in determining what you can afford?

Mortgage Rate Modification Request

Are you looking to change the rate on your rebate eligible mortgage?

Preliminary Membership Application

Learn about our Preliminary Membership Application

Remote Services Authorization

Provide electronic access for a joint account holder.

Request For Service Letter

Join our Select Employee Group program. (Please print on your company’s letterhead)

Revolving LOC for Overdraft Protection Request

Use your existing Revolving Line-of-Credit for Overdraft Protection on your Checking Account.

Skip-A-Pay Application

Need to skip a monthly payment on a qualified loan?

Visa Credit Card Balance Transfer Request

Move your credit card balances to DCECU.

Visa Credit Card Modification

Want to make a change to your DCECU credit card?

Visa Credit Card Payment Authorization

Setup automatic payments for your Credit Card.

Wire Transfer Request

Transfer funds from one of your DCECU accounts to another person or business within the United States.