Open your account at Dow Chemical Employees’ Credit Union today and begin enjoying the credit union difference! DCECU is a cooperative, not-for-profit financial institution, owned by its members to fulfill their financial needs in all stages of their lives. Once you join the credit union you can retain your membership for life – even if you change jobs, retire, or move away.

Join Today

It’s easy! If you meet the eligibility requirements, simply open a Share Account (savings account) with a minimum deposit of $5.00 and a checking account with DCECU. Your Share Account not only makes you a member, but also a part owner of the credit union.

Use our simple and secure online application1 to open an Individual (adult) Account or a Youth Account. The program will walk you through the process in 15 minutes or less.

Online Membership Application Other Ways to Apply

Note: If you are not subject to U.S. taxes and/or do not reside in the Unites States, please contact us for assistance.

Benefits of Membership

Join the credit union that gives money back to its members! DCECU offers low rates on loans and high returns on savings; plus, members in good standing2 may receive a portion of our year-end earnings as part of our Member Giveback Rebates and Rewards program.

For 2017, DCECU: Gave back 70% of the interest members paid on rebate-eligible loans. Added 70% to the interest they earned on their savings.

What does that look like in dollars and cents? If you paid $500 in interest in 2017 on a rebate-eligible loan with us, you would have received $350 cash back at the start of this year!

DCECU has been recognized nationally for top performance in member benefits!

We Make It Easy

As a member of DCECU, you will have access to a broad range of deposit accounts and lending services to meet your specific needs, plus convenient banking options that make it easy to do business with us … no matter where in the world life takes you!

Online and Mobile Banking Mobile Check Deposit Apple Pay®3 Online Bill Pay National surcharge-free ATM network

Who Can Join?

Employees and retirees of many different companies are eligible to join DCECU, including:

Learn how your company can become a Select Employer Group

If you’re a family member of someone who is eligible to join … or if you live in a single-family home with someone who is eligible to join, you’re eligible to join, too!

Who else can join?

Still not sure if you can be a member? Contact us.

Note: If you are not subject to U.S. taxes and/or do not reside in the United States please contact us for assistance.

Ready to Make the Switch?

We make that easy, too! Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Open your new account with us!
  2. Change Your Direct Deposit Information. Give the completed form to your employer’s payroll department or another depositor.
  3. Change Your Automatic Payment Information. If you have automatic withdrawals from your old account (car payments, gym memberships, iTunes, etc.) you will need to transfer these to your new DCECU account.
  4. Close Your Old Account. After making sure all checks, transactions and automatic withdrawals have cleared from your old account, close your old account and transfer your balances to DCECU.

What Our Members Say About Us

Why four generations have joined DCECU … and why they intend to remain members for generations to come

Herb, member since 1953: “The year-end Loan Interest Rebate can’t be beat. They have some pretty nice people here. They know you, and they know what you need. I wouldn’t bank anywhere else!”

Melanie, member since 1985: “Nobody else has the rates and the rebates. I’ve had all my kids open accounts at DCECU. When one of my daughters moved to California and then to Colorado, I told her, ‘Don’t open an account anywhere else!’ With the online services and network of ATMs, you can bank here no matter where you live.”

AuBree, member since 1994: “The year-end Loan Interest Rebate is such a benefit. I wish more people knew that they could be members here!”

Landyn, member since 2006: “My mom opened an account for me a month after I was born. I’ve been saving here since I was a baby!”

Dow Chemical Employees’ Credit Union members for four generations: AuBree, Herb, Melanie, Landyn.

  1. IE 8+, Firefox, Safari, or Chrome browser required with cookies enabled. ↩︎

  2. Members in good standing are defined as those members having at least $5 in their Share Account on December 31st of that year, no delinquent accounts, have not had adverse collection activities on their account, and have not had accounts charged off. Members who are in default or who have caused the credit union a loss typically are not eligible for year-end rebates and rewards. ↩︎

  3. Apple Pay is a trademark of Apple, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. ↩︎

  4. Individuals who own one or more shares of Dow Chemical stock in their own name are eligible for membership. This does not include Dow stock held within a trust, retirement, 401(k) or other investment plan by another institution or group. ↩︎