Benefits of Membership

As a DCECU member, you have the opportunity to take advantage of low rates on loans and high returns on savings; plus, members in good standing may receive a portion of our year-end earnings as part of our Member Giveback Rebates and Rewards program.

Save more with our Member Giveback

At DCECU, a portion of our annual earnings may be returned to our members in the form of rewards and rebates with our Member Saver Reward and Loan Interest Rebate.

We're making membership count with our year-end Member Giveback! We returned 75% for 2015!

DCECU nationally recognized for top performance in member benefits for 2016!

Enjoy two great ways to save

Member Saver Reward

Entitles members in good standing1 to be rewarded a Board-approved percentage of the total dividends/interest earned on DCECU shares/deposits during that year.

Loan Interest Rebate

Entitles members in good standing1 to be rebated a Board approved percentage of the total interest paid during that year on all eligible DCECU loans.

Our Loan Interest Rebate is available on the following loans:

Please note that while year-end Rebates and Rewards occur with great regularity, this additional Credit Union benefit is not guaranteed.

  1. Members in good standing are defined as those members having at least $5 in their Share Account on December 31st of that year, no delinquent accounts, have not had adverse collection activities on their account, and have not had accounts charged off. Members who are in default or who have caused the credit union a loss typically are not eligible for year-end rebates and rewards. ↩︎ ↩︎2