Foreign Currency Exchange

Save at least 6% over airport pricing by purchasing currency with DCECU.

Foreign currency services are available at DCECU1. We offer more than 80 foreign currencies–all available for next-business-day delivery! Upon your return, bring in your leftover currency to easily convert back to U.S. dollars.

Benefits of DCECU currency exchange

  • Be ready before your vacation
  • Avoid overseas credit card withdrawal fees
  • Arrive prepared for taxi fares, tips and other immediate expenses
  • Will not need to exchange abroad with potential language barriers

Order Today


DCECU members can order currency online and have it delivered right to their home. You can even schedule delivery as soon as next day or as far out as 21 days.

Order Online

Shipping fees range from $10-$12.

Please note: Terms limits and rates may differ between online orders and in-person orders.

In Person

Foreign currency services are also available at the DCECU office:

Service Options Shipping Fee
USD Foreign Currency guaranteed delivery by 12:00 p.m. the next business day $15.00
  guaranteed delivery by 5:00 p.m. the next business day $12.00
Foreign Currency USD   $9.00

Interested in our current exchange rates? Stop by, or contact us.

  1. DCECU partners with TravelEx to offer this service. ↩︎