In Times of Change, We’re Here for You.

It’s been said that the only thing constant is change… and in DCECU’s 79 years of existence, that certainly has held true.

Since opening our doors in 1937, we’ve constantly been changing with the times to provide products and services that address not only industry trends and upgrades in technology, but also – and perhaps most importantly – the evolving needs of our membership and community.

For reasons both personal and professional, summer tends to be a season of change for so many people, whether it’s due to a high school or college graduation, a marriage, a retirement, or something else. And there is no better time to take a look at your financial health than during a season of planned or potential change. Let us assist you in navigating the changing tides.

Want to review your share/deposit accounts to ensure you are storing your funds in a manner that provides you with the most value based on your saving and spending habits? Thinking about opening a CD? Want to review your existing loans or learn more about refinancing a loan from another lender? We can help. Simply stop by the credit union or call us at 989.835.7794 or 800.835.7794.

In addition, the Retirement & Investment Center located at DCECU is our trusted partner that can assist you in navigating life changes by looking at your current situation and – together with a team of advisors – help you make a plan that will work for your future. Call Marybeth Penkala at 989.835.7794, ext. 4572, to set up a no-cost, no-obligation appointment to learn more.

As the world – and the financial industry – has changed, our membership base has remained loyal and we’ve grown together, and we’re now approaching a milestone of 58,000 members. We know that you have many options for your financial needs, and we appreciate that you continue to choose DCECU and are encouraging others to do the same. Our members truly are our most valuable asset, and we are here for you.

Rest assured that just as change is constant, so is our commitment to you.


Dennis M. Hanson

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