The credit union that gives you money back does it again!

DCECU gives back 75% to members for third year in a row – more than $16 million in year-end rebates and rewards1

For 2016, Dow Chemical Employees’ Credit Union is giving back 75% of the interest members paid on their eligible loans and 75% of the interest they earned on their savings – plus rebates on their Visa® Check Card transactions – for a total of more than $16 million. It’s the biggest Member Giveback in the history of DCECU, which has returned a share of profits to its members every single year since 1980. The giveback rate for 2014 and 2015 also was 75%.

“When you join Dow Chemical Employees’ Credit Union, you’re not just a customer – you’re a partial owner of one of the largest, most successful credit unions in Michigan. DCECU is a cooperative, not-for-profit financial institution, owned by its members and dedicated to providing them with smart, affordable banking solutions at all stages of their lives. As the credit union grows and prospers, so does our ability to share that prosperity with our member-owners.” Dennis Hanson, DCECU President/CEO

On January 1, 2017, DCECU borrowers and depositors in good standing2 will receive:

  • 75 percent of the total interest they paid on all eligible DCECU loans during 2016 as a Loan Interest Rebate1
  • An additional 75 percent of the dividends/interest they earned on DCECU shares/deposits in 2016 as a Member Saver Reward1
  • Visa® Check Card Rebates1 of 0.125 percent of all signature-based transactions and $0.01 for each PIN-based transaction in 2016

“While the credit union’s careful management of our members’ deposited funds – including prudent investments in loans to other members – plays a large role in our ability to offer rebates and rewards while still maintaining a healthy capital cushion, it is only one ingredient in our recipe for success. The most important ingredient is the loyalty and engagement of our members. When they choose DCECU for their savings and loan needs, they can benefit in proportion to their financial transactions with us.” Dennis Hanson, DCECU President/CEO

The money is real. The difference is real.

What difference does the DCECU Member Giveback make in people’s lives? A big one. For example, a member with a $125,000 mortgage could expect to receive a loan interest rebate of approximately $3,750 this year alone. That’s money that could be used to help fund a child’s education, save for retirement, put a down payment on a car, pay for a home improvement project or take a dream vacation.

“DCECU is one of only a handful of financial institutions in the country that shares its profits with its members to this extent. When you factor in our traditionally low rates on loans, high returns on savings and convenient electronic banking options, it’s easy to see why people across the country choose, stay with and recommend DCECU.” Dennis Hanson, DCECU President/CEO

Joining is easy.

Employees and retirees of more than 50 different companies are eligible to join DCECU. Plus, family members of someone who is eligible to join are eligible, too. Not a member? We bet you could be!

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  1. While year-end rebates and rewards occur with great regularity, this credit union benefit is not guaranteed. ↩︎ ↩︎2 ↩︎3 ↩︎4

  2. Defined as those members who have at least $5 in their Share Account on December 31, 2016; have had no delinquent accounts; have not had adverse collection activities on their accounts; and have not had accounts charged off. Members who have caused the credit union a loss typically are not eligible for year-end rebates and rewards. ↩︎


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