Don’t get stuck with fraudulent currency!

Yard sales, festivals, and farmer’s markets make summer a great time of year. However, it is important to be cautious any time you’re receiving cash. There are reports of fraudulent cash being passed. At DCECU, we want to ensure our members are well-prepared for any cash transaction!

What to watch out for:

  • Read the Text
    • The front of every bill has “The United States of America” printed on it. Make sure your bills don’t say “The Motion Picture Association of America” instead. Some folks have received these Hollywood prop bills in the place of real money.
  • Check for Security Features
    • Some security features are easy to spot. Hold your bill up to the light at different angles to spot a security strip, watermark, and color-shifting ink. These features are tough to counterfeit.
  • Compare by Feeling
    • Most counterfeit bills can feel extra thin, like plastic, or waxy. It’s easier to feel the difference if you compare two bills side by side.

DCECU has ways to identify counterfeit bills to keep you secure. While we will not be able to exchange any counterfeit bills, it is important to report the incident to the police to ensure your future protection. For more information regarding our money’s security features, and additional steps to take if you encounter a counterfeit bill, be sure to visit We wish you a happy summer!


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