Midland County Road Commission

Midland County Road Commission: Welcome to the DCECU family!

The Midland County Road Commission, headquartered in Sanford, Michigan, is the newest addition to DCECU’s growing list of DCECU-Select Employer Group companies. By choosing to enroll in DCECU-Select, the Road Commission has given all its employees (and their family members) the opportunity to experience the advantages of membership in one of the state’s largest and most successful credit unions.

Road Commission employees who join DCECU will immediately begin benefiting from the credit union’s tradition of low interest rates on loans, high dividends on savings and fewer fees. They also will have the opportunity to share in the DCECU Member Giveback.

Through the Member Giveback, DCECU routinely returns a portion of its yearly earnings to its members in the form of Loan Interest Rebates and Member Saver Rewards.1

“The more our members save and borrow at DCECU, the better the credit union performs, and the more money we are able to give back to them,” said DCECU President/CEO Dennis Hanson. “We are one of only a handful of credit unions in the nation that gives money back to its members to this extent.”

Employees of more than 50 DCECU-Select companies are eligible to join DCECU, which has been giving money back to its members since 1955. Learn how your company can become a Select Employer Group of Dow Chemical Employees’ Credit Union.

  1. While year-end rebates and rewards occur with great regularity, this credit union benefit is not guaranteed. Membership eligibility required. ↩︎

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