Say GOODBYE to International Transaction Fees!

Say GOODBYE to International Transaction Fees on DCECU Debit & Credit Cards

If you travel internationally, we have some great news for you – you can use your DCECU Visa® debit and credit cards whenever you’re traveling abroad without having to pay a fee for international transactions. That’s right, DCECU has eliminated international transaction fees1 on any of our Visa debit and credit cards!

When traveling outside of the United States, Visa automatically charges an international transaction fee of up to 1% for converting foreign transactions into US dollars. At DCECU, we cover this fee as a benefit to our members. After all, who doesn’t like to save money – or have a little extra to spend?

If you don’t have our Visa credit or debit card, this is a great reason to get one (or both) now.

  1. A usage fee may be charged by Foreign ATM operators. Currency conversion rates are set by VISA and are subject to change. ↩︎

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