New Security Emails from DCECU

You may be receiving emails regarding sign ins from an unrecognized device. This is an extra layer of security, which was introduced on April 19, 2018. These emails are sent to raise awareness of when your account is being accessed from an unrecognized device. Unrecognized devices can include:

  • Sign ins from a new device or internet browser
  • Sign ins where the “No, this is a public computer” option is selected
  • Any service with whom you have provided your Online Banking credentials (Quicken, Mint, PayPal, etc.)

While a device may be unrecognized, that does not necessarily mean it is illegitimate. If you are using a personal device, you can select “Yes, this is a private computer” for quicker account access. Subsequent sign ins from a device where this option is selected will not generate this email.

You can also review recent Sign In History under the Profile tab. If you did not initiate this action, please consider changing your password to prevent unauthorized access.


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