A Message from the President/CEO

Commitment to Security of Online Services

DCECU is committed to protecting the data and finances you have entrusted to us in all formats, including our online services (website, Online and Mobile Banking). This commitment requires hardware and software maintenance, upgrades, and enhancements.

Your participation and cooperation is critical to our success, which may include future technology and/or system upgrades to the hardware and/or software that you utilize for the best user experience. DCECU’s recommended standard is to update all operating systems, anti-virus software and browsers on devices (desktop, laptop, mobile phone, tablet, etc.) that are supported by the manufacturer to ensure that you are protected by the current levels of security offered.

DCECU is committed to providing access to our online services when using devices that meet these recommended standards. Devices that are no longer supported or updated do not receive critical security updates. This may limit access or functionality and could result in the compromise of your information or finances. We believe that this stance provides our members reasonable opportunity to make updates or upgrades to their devices to ensure security of their information. Both DCECU and our members will need to remain flexible to ensure we are all working together to protect the ongoing security and privacy of our shared information. We appreciate your cooperation and trust that you value our strong security posture.


Dennis Hanson


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