Thank you for your feedback

To the valued members of Dow Chemical Employees’ Credit Union:

For years we have used a form of Net Promoter Score to help us measure your satisfaction with DCECU using the question: “Would you recommend us to your family and friends?” Your responses have given us very high marks placing DCECU in the 100th percentile of credit unions.

We have committed to you that we will continue to improve our service to you. In response to that commitment, we have adopted a member-obsessed operating model. Our way to measure progress is to use a more comprehensive satisfaction survey. The good news is that the results of this survey gives us detailed feedback as to how you view the ease, efficiency, and emotional result from your interaction with DCECU. The downside is that this survey takes significantly longer for you to complete than our previous survey. I am sorry if this posed an undue inconvenience to those who chose to complete the survey, but I do thank you for your dedication and feedback.

In future communications, I’ll share results of the survey, as well as our plan to respond to your feedback.

Again, thank you for your time, attention, and most importantly, your membership and your business.


Dennis M. Hanson



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