2018 Annual Member Survey Results

To the valued members of Dow Chemical Employees’ Credit Union (DCECU):

I want to thank the 2,327 members that responded to our most recent Annual Member Survey. Member feedback is so important to us, and we are pleased to share the results with our entire membership. The 2018 survey focused on member experience; seeking to identify information to enable us to better serve you and deliver experiences that are meaningful to you; whether digitally or in person.

Your feedback expressed a high level of continued satisfaction with our services with many members sharing specifically what was going well. We were very proud to receive member thoughts on the DCECU brand that we have built over the past 80+ years - emphasizing items that are very important to us like service, ease and security. The following weighted word cloud summarizes several brand descriptors provided when asked:

“How would you describe DCECU’s brand?”

An image of a multiple words of various colors and sizes; the most prominent being Service, Friendly, Ease, Security, Reliability

While you shared plenty of positive feedback, you also provided invaluable, constructive feedback on how we could serve you better. We have heard what matters to you and commit to working on the following list in 2019:

  • We will make it even easier for you to get a loan from us.
  • We will explore additional deposit products and features to meet your needs and help you meet your savings goals.
  • We will work hard to proactively prevent problems and issues.
  • We will strive to provide you with information and answers to your questions before you ask them.

Your feedback is critical in guiding us to live out our mission every day, of “Providing superior financial services, one member at a time.” Your feedback was a gift. Thank you for entrusting us with it. We commit to turning our member survey results into action. At the end of the year, we will be reaching out again to see how our actions resonated with you as we work to continuously improve your member experience.

Thank you for choosing Dow Chemical Employees’ Credit Union where you’re not just a customer – you’re a member-owner.


Dennis M. Hanson


“Staff have always been very friendly, professional and reassuring in all of our dealings; whether in person, via phone or online.”

“I have found DCECU to be responsive when I had problems and were very quick and helpful when I applied for an auto loan.”

“They make it as convenient as they can as I’m out of state. I absolutely love their dedication to helping members.”

“I mostly use the online features and love them all. We live an hour away from the credit union and still would never do our banking anywhere else. I have no problems using the online features and rarely have had to come in in person.”

“I love their technology, their people and their products.”

“I love being a member of the credit union. I’m more than just a customer. I am always treated in a friendly and respectful manner. DCECU offers competitive services and financial accounts at better rates and lower fees. Also, they place a high priority on your personal safety at the credit union and at their ATMs as well as online in their mobile banking app and their website.”

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