Things to do when you’re traveling

Especially as many people prepare to go on Spring Break, it’s important to think about steps to take before and while traveling.

A few helpful tips:

  • Check in with your financial institution before you travel. This can help prevent the false assumption that your account is being used in a fraudulent manner, which could lead to your card or account being frozen. Be prepared to answer questions about the dates you will be traveling, the cities and states or countries where you anticipate your travels will take you, and the airports where you will have layovers.
  • Don’t travel with nonessential valuables or with more cash than you really need – and keep an inventory of what you do take with you and what you spend so you’ll know if something is missing.
  • Consider traveling with locks, including an auxiliary lock for use on a hotel room safe and wire or cable locks for securing your possessions.
  • Remember that a credit card may be required for some types of travel expenses, such as car rentals or hotel room reservations. In other cases, like if you’re shopping or dining at smaller local businesses that don’t accept other forms of payment, you might have to pay with cash.
  • Just like when you’re at home, our tips for identifying whether a particular ATM is trustworthy may come in handy.
  • Be sure to take advantage of the fact that some credit cards – including all three DCECU Visa® Credit Cards – offer travel-related benefits such as free travel accident insurance and auto rental insurance.

Whether you’re heading up north, down south or to an international destination, we wish you safe travels!

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