DCECU Conducted Test of Emergency Operations Plan

To my fellow members of Dow Chemical Employees’ Credit Union:

I wanted to update you on a test that DCECU conducted in May regarding our Business Continuity Plan.

DCECU is committed to building and running a credit union that is ready to serve you when you need it. An important part of this commitment is to plan for interrupting events and follow-up with testing contingency solutions. This is sometimes referred to as Disaster Recover, DR, and Business Continuity Planning, BCP. DCECU maintains both DR and BCP plans, as well as conducts regular testing of electronic systems for their resiliency.

While most of the testing typically involves electronic systems that entails switching from primary to backup systems, on Saturday, May 11th, DCECU conducted a live test that covered in-person service delivery to members. This test consisted of providing teller services from a mobile unit setup in our parking lot.

Since DCECU operates as a single-branch, use of portable alternative space is part of our BCP should the lobby become unusable. I am pleased to report the test was completely successful — from time of notification to delivery, setup for use, to member delivery — all aspects passed or exceeded our every expectation. Furthermore, feedback from members that tried this temporary facility unanimously agreed that it was a good experience.

Planning for what-ifs to ensure ongoing operations is a critical component of our commitment to you. Not just because it is a regulatory requirement, it is part of our mission to “Provide superior financial services, one member at a time.”

Thank you for your membership and ongoing business.


Dennis M. Hanson

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