DCECU’s new Online Banking application

My fellow members:

Today, September 17, 2019 marked the launch of our new Online Banking application. As of this evening, an overwhelming 20% of our active online users have successfully completed the migration to this new platform. This is 4 times greater than other financial institutions on the first day of launching a new Online Banking application. This speaks volumes to how important the digital channel is to our membership.

Many members have provided positive feedback about the new and integrated user experience, as well as our authenticated conversation capability within the platform. While the overall response from you has been positive, some members have experienced difficulty with the migration process and longer than usual wait times from our staff.

I apologize for any inconvenience you have experienced and want you to know that we are continuously working to address any performance and system issues, as well as add additional capacity to our Contact Center to better respond to your requests.

Thank you for your membership, continued patience and loyalty.


Arthur C. Peters

Chief Operations Officer

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