Holidays are a time for family, friends

… and fraud

The holidays are a fun season of gift-giving and get-togethers with family and friends, but it’s also a time when shoppers are at a higher risk of fraud.

Because of the increase in the volume of purchases and tight turnaround times for retailers, holidays give fraudsters more opportunity to operate undetected. Other factors that make shoppers more vulnerable during the holidays include shipping to gift recipient addresses (which makes a shipment to somewhere other than your billing address not so much of a red flag), inexperienced seasonal help that might not spot a fraudster, and more shoppers making purchases online over unsecured connections.

Stay safe this holiday season and be on the lookout for signs of fraud – things like unexpected charges on your account; inaccurate information on your credit report; and notifications about address, password or information changes that you didn’t make.

For information on how to protect yourself and the steps that DCECU takes to protect our members, read our online security article.

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