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DCECU members, employees turn fundraiser into community blessing via donation of plush animals to Midland PD

A recent fundraiser at Dow Chemical Employees’ Credit Union resulted in the donation of more than 125 plush toys to the Midland Police Department to provide comfort to children during traumatic incidents.

Over the holidays, DCECU sold stuffed animals for a $10 donation to support the Michigan Credit Union League & Affiliates (MCUL) state PAC, a political action committee that supports credit-union-friendly candidates for the Michigan Legislature. The plush toys were offered for personal gift-giving for the holidays, or members could choose to donate them to the Midland Police Department.

MPD Community Relations Officer Paul McDonald said the department was excited to partner with DCECU to collect the toys, which will be included in the child trauma toolkits that MPD keeps in all of its vehicles.

“Whenever we encounter a young child in a frightening situation, such as a car accident, we provide them with a comfort item, like a blanket or stuffed animal,” McDonald said. “Items in these toolkits also help kids understand that the police are friendly and there to help.”

DCECU Accountant Alison Lutren was especially pleased that the fundraiser had multiple benefits, both to the local community and to the statewide credit union community.

“Sales of these soft, cuddly plush animals not only provided easy gifts for that special child, but more importantly will comfort a child during an emotional or traumatic event,” she said. “DCECU members and staff were incredibly generous during this fundraiser for the MCUL PAC; the plush animals were a big hit, selling out in just 12 days. DCECU and the Midland Police Department are incredibly thankful for this thoughtful act of community kindness, which will surely go on to bring a touch of comfort to local children in their time of need.”

MPD Community Relations Officer Paul McDonald smiles in front of a police SUV while holding bags of plush animal toys for children

DCECU employees hold bags full of plush toys while standing in front of a police SUV with MPD Community Relations Officer Paul McDonald

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