New Fraud Alerts for Credit, Debit & ATM cards begin April 27

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For years, you’ve received a phone call from us when there is suspicious activity on your DCECU Visa® Credit Card, DCECU Visa® Debit Card or DCECU ATM Card. Later this month, we’re enhancing our fraud-monitoring system by adding two more methods of Fraud Alerts for all of these cards.

Beginning April 27, any DCECU cardholder with a mobile phone number or email address on file with DCECU may receive a text or email alert when there is suspicious activity on your DCECU Credit, Debit or ATM card(s). This new feature adds an extra layer of protection by supplementing our existing method of calling you when we notice potential fraud occurring on your card(s).

Below are some commonly asked questions about the new Fraud Alerts – and our answers to them.


Do I have to opt-in to start receiving these new alerts? No. If you have a mobile number and/or email address on file with DCECU, you’ll automatically begin receiving alerts.

How do I make sure my information is on file and up to date?

  • Sign-in to Online Banking or the Mobile App1, and you can check and update your Home, Mobile and/or Work phone numbers and your email address in the Settings menu.

    Important note: If you want to receive text message alerts, your mobile phone number must appear in the Mobile field.

What should I do if I receive a fraud alert?

For Credit Cards:

  • If you receive a text alert, respond YES if the cardholder made the transaction or respond NO if they did not.
  • If you receive an email alert, call 888.918.7313 (from within the U.S.) or call 727.299.2449 (from outside the U.S.) to either confirm the activity is valid or report fraud.

For Debit and ATM Cards:

  • If you receive a text alert, respond YES if the cardholder made the transaction or respond NO if they did not.
  • If you receive an email alert, click on the appropriate link in the email to either confirm the cardholder authorized the transaction(s) or report that the cardholder did not authorize one or more transaction(s).

How do I opt-out of text alerts?
While it is not recommended, you can opt-out of text alerts by responding to the text with STOP.

These enhancements to our fraud-monitoring system are designed to increase the security of your DCECU Credit, Debit and ATM cards. It is our privilege to serve you, and we take seriously the responsibility to implement measures that further protect you from becoming a victim of fraud.

If you still have questions after reading the Q&A, please feel free to reach out to us at

As a reminder, DCECU will never call, text or email you asking for your personal, account or security information. Never provide your account/member number, Social Security number, username, password or verification code to anyone who contacts you, says they are from the credit union and requests this information. If you ever question the authenticity of any communication you receive from DCECU, please contact us to verify, using only the official contact information listed at

  1. The DCECU Mobile App requires a supported mobile device with internet access, a valid email address and a valid phone number on file with DCECU. See for complete details. ↩︎

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