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Online Banking

Online Banking is a secure and convenient way to manage your account online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Once established, you can view balances, transfer funds, make loan payments, view cleared checks and more!



Online Banking minimum requirements: You will need: Internet access, Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.3 or greater, and a web browser that supports (at minimum) javascript, cookies, SSL protocol and 128-bit encryption. This includes Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or above, Firefox 3.0.4 or above, etc.

Signing up for Online Banking can be initiated by clicking on the “Register” link located on the Online Banking sign in box.


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Sent directly to you via email or text message, Alerts can notify you of certain transactions or activity occurring in your account. Sent within minutes of the actual event (or at a frequency of your choosing), you can set up and customize Alerts to your specific needs through Online Banking. Choose when to be notified, provide multiple email addresses and even create multiple Alerts of the same type.

A few alert types include:

  • Transaction alerts will notify you when certain types of transactions occur. For example, you will be able to set an alert that will notify you anytime there is a transaction above a specified dollar amount or from a specific company.
  • Balance alerts will notify you when your account balance falls below a certain dollar amount.
  • Sign-in alerts will notify you every time your account is accessed through Online Banking. This alert is highly recommended for your security and awareness.

In addition to predefined alerts, you will be able to create custom alerts from a search within Online Banking. For example, if you were to search for “Meijer over $400” and then click “Create search alert,” you would be notified of every transaction of $400 or more at Meijer from that point forward.

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Documents allow you to receive any one or more of the following: your DCECU periodic statements, notices, tax statements, disclosures and agreements online in an electronic format rather than paper. With Documents, you will receive an email notification each time a new Document becomes available for viewing.

Signing up for Documents can be initiated by signing into your account via Online Banking and clicking on the Documents button.

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With Bill Pay you can pay anyone in the United States - from mortgage companies to auto lenders to credit card companies to the paperboy. At this time, Bill Pay will be offered free to our members. You must be the primary member and an Online Banking user with an open checking account.

Bill Pay has a dedicated menu link within Online Banking, and can also be found under the Transfers menu.

Not a Bill Pay user? You can now sign up for Bill Pay right from within Online Banking!


Having problems accessing Bill Pay within Online Banking? Please make sure your browser meets our Bill Pay requirements by running the Browser Compatibility Test

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Messages is a secure method to send and receive messages to and from the Credit Union within Online Banking. Members may request fund transfers, account inquiries and/or securely communicate with DCECU staff online.

In the event you choose to communicate through Messages, please note that DCECU will respond to you by the close of business the next day. If immediate attention is desired, please contact us by calling (989) 835-7794 or (800) 835-7794, or by selecting Live Chat from our contact page during normal business hours.

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Signing In

After you have completed your Online Banking registration, this is you what you will see during future sign ins.



Includes transaction page features, how to view holds and pending ACH transactions, make loan and Visa® payments, and how to view a recent check clearing.


Finding transactions has never been faster or easier!



Move money between your accounts, setup scheduled transfers, send money to another DCECU member, and pay bills.



Have a question? With Messages, you can send, view, or delete secure messages.



Alerts allow more customization than ever! Pick from a set of pre-defined alerts, or create your own. You can even turn a search into an alert.


Reports and Dashboards

Look at your money over time with reports, or get a snapshot glance at account balances and activity with dashboards.



Update contact numbers, addresses, username, passwords and more!