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Low interest rates are the hallmark of all financing available at DCECU. Repayment terms are designed to meet both your needs and your budget.

Rates effective

Consumer Loans

Loan Type Maximum Term APR* (as low as)
New and Pre-Owned Auto Loans
(Not Eligible for Rebate)
84 Months %
New and Pre-Owned Auto Loans
(Eligible for Rebate)
84 Months %
Recreational Vehicle Loans 180 Months¥ %
Share Secured Loans 36 Months†† %
Premium High Yield Secured Loans 36 Months†† %
CD Secured Loans 36 Months†† Pledged CD APY** + 2.00%
Stock Secured Loans 84 Months %
Signature Loans 60 Months %
Revolving Line-of-Credit Loans Open %
Private Student Loans click here for rates
Rewards Visa® Credit Card Open % (Variable)
Low Rate Visa® Credit Card Open %
(Most loan interest rates are based on a member’s credit score. Rates are subject to change without notice.)


* APR = Annual Percentage Rate.
** APY = Annual Percentage Yield.
Loan must be rewritten or paid in full if balance is owing on loan at CD maturity.
¥ Can balloon with maximum 180 month amortization.
†† Can balloon with maximum 240 month amortization.
Wall Street Journal Prime Rate + 6.00%

Consumer Loan Payment Examples

Looking to see what a payment might look like? See our examples below. For more information visit our loan calculators to specify another term, loan balance, or APR.

Payment examples last updated 11/5/2014

New and Pre-Owned Auto Loans

Loan example: Borrow $20,000 at 2.24% APR with 60 monthly payments of approximately $352.68

Recreational Vehicle Loans with Balloon Payment and Option to Refinance

Loan example: Borrow $20,000 at 2.74% APR for a 60-month term; make 59 payments of approximately $190.75 and one final payment of approximately $10,874.11. A portion of the final payment may be refinanced if qualifying creditworthiness conditions exist.

Signature Loans

Loan example: Borrow $6,000 at 8.00% APR with 36 monthly payments of approximately $188.04


Online Banking

After logging in, go to
"Loans" and click
"Consumer Loan Request"