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With cutting-edge eServices, DCECU has made it easy for you to handle your finances from home or wherever you are. Our full range of eServices allows you to manage your accounts 24/7, completely FREE. Save yourself the gas money and drive time by taking advantage of these services.

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Here at DCECU, we are always looking for ways to make access and management of your accounts even easier. Below is a comparison to show you how Mobile Banking compares to our other eServices.

  Online Banking Mobile App Mobile Website (WAP) 1Call
Access Method Desktop browser Open from app list after install on a supported device Mobile browser Touch-tone phone
Where? App Store℠ ,
Google Play , or
Direct Download on a mobile device, or
Once activated, call:
(989) 835-7794 or
(800) 835-7794
and press 1
Why? Full Online Banking on a desktop computer. Offers the most seamless banking experience for mobile users. Quick access without downloading an app or an app isn’t offered for your device. Complete a variety of transactions from any mobile or land-line phone.
Online Banking

Mobile WAP

Features Compared

  Online Banking Mobile App Mobile Website (WAP) 1Call
View Balances supported supported supported supported
Transaction History supported supported supported
Search Transactions supported      
Secure Messaging* supported supported  
Account Transfers supported supported supported
Member to Member Transfers  
View & Schedule Bill Pay supported supported  
Add Bill Pay Payees      
ATM Locator   supported supported  
Reports and Budgets      
Graphs supported    
Loan Management      
Loan Transfers** supported supported supported
Update Profile      
Deposit Checks**   supported    

* Online Banking and Mobile Banking secure messaging systems are separate communication channels.
** Some restrictions may apply.